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Brian Meagher mostlybrian at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 20:47:09 EDT 2006


I'm a spread newbie, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

I'm interested in using spread, initially at least, in some software simply to monitor the interconnectedness of a variable number of systems, possibly at different locations.  spread seems like it will do this for me, in a distributed fashion (e.g. a central system won't have to have socket connections open to [or poll] all monitored systems).  Let's call the group of systems a 'gang'.

So, first question is does this seem reasonable, or if not, is there other small footprint software you can recommend?

Assuming the answer to the above was 'yes' ...

It's likely that the systems in the 'gang' will grow over time.  Now, my understanding is that the spread.conf files must all match & this is enforced at spread startup time.  I was hoping to use spread messages to tell everyone when someone new wanted to join the group, but I'll still need some out of band mechanism (i.e. something thru a socket) to tell the new system the spread.conf.

However, if any systems are down when the new system joins, they won't get the message about a changing spread.conf & will 
be unable to rejoin when they come up, as their confs will be out of date.  It would seem plausible that if this occurs they grab the spread.conf via the out of band machanism from one of their former contacts - but this seems to be getting a bit messy [e.g. need to  make sure their former gang member hasn't switched to a different gang]

Any suggestions on a better way to manage configuation?


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