[Spread-users] spread 4.0.0RC2

Anthony P ntb2go at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 22:31:57 EDT 2006


I've been playing with spread 4.0.0RC2 and have a patch to the configure
scripts to enable building for sparc64 using the sun compilers.  Would there
be interest in feeding this into the release?

I've also noticed that the tutorials seem to use the wrong symbol names eg:

   - http://www.spread.org/docs/spread_docs_4/docs/sp_receive.html

Refers to REG_MESSAGE instead of REGULAR_MESS used in <sp.h >

Finally, it seems that you can't have client apps reconnect to spread during
the same daemon session:

$ ~/spread/bin/spuser
Spread library version is 4.0.0
SP_error: (-6) Connection rejected, name not unique

This doesn't look right to me...

Anthony Pfrunder
C++ doesn't try to make it impossible for bad programmers to write bad
programs; it enables reasonable developers to create superior software
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