[Spread-users] Spread Architecture

Shumate, James G james.g.shumate at lmco.com
Tue Oct 31 08:57:37 EST 2006



I am looking for any information about how spread works under the hood.

Specificity does Spread use UDP between daemons and TCP between
application and daemon?

If it uses UDP between daemons can the timeout and number of retries be


I am currently investigation software fault tolerance for real-time
embedded systems and was wondering if SPREAD could be used in our

Our system is on a LAN, we must process data within 10ms of any type of
fault (network cable unplugged, software crash, etc).


So I was wandering if SPREAD can be tuned to retry 3 times.  Each retry
is 2ms apart from each other.  Probably have about 20 nodes on the LAN.

Each node will be running a spread daemon and only one application per
node communicating with the daemon on that node.


Also I noticed that older versions of SPREAD had a multi-path
capability.  I assume this was for a node that had multiple network
interface cards.

I assume it was used if one network interface card went down SPREAD
would reroute the data over the other network interface card?

Is there any plans to put multi-path capability into Spread 4?


Any information would be greatly appreciated.








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