[Spread-users] perl / php interface for v4?

Robin Bowes robin-lists at robinbowes.com
Thu Oct 26 15:48:15 EDT 2006


I'm just evaluating spread to see if it can help us with communication
for a web-based app involving several servers.

As I'm using a Redhat flavour of Linux (workstation FC6, dev and prod.
servers CentOS4.4) I downloaded the SRPM from here:


I notice that this doesn't package all the source file contents so I
also downloaded the source tarball from spread.org

Will the Spread modules on CPAN work with spread v4? e.g.:


The sort of thing I want to do is have a web application written in php
send a message to trigger a "purge" command to be run on several
instances of squid.

So, I presume I'd run spread on each of the servers involved, and a perl
app on the squid servers that connects to spread, joins a "squid" group
and listens for msgs - running a purge command when it receives an
appropriate msg. The web app would connect to spread and send a msg to
the squid group telling them to purge.

Are there any examples illustrating how to get started using the perl



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