[Spread-users] help - installing messsage_api for spread

Ryan Caudy rcaudy at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 22:01:08 EDT 2006

This sounds like a problem with the third-party tool you're trying to
install, and not Spread.  This mailing list may not be the best place
to find an answer, unfortunately, since it's more focused on the
Spread Toolkit itself.  That being said, someone who knows about your
problem may be on the list.

The website you referenced says: "For more information, contact John
David Duncan, jdd at mysql.com" -- have you tried asking John?


On 10/22/06, Chan Nan <channan99 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I happened to stumble on this toolkit and it seems
> very nice. I've tried to set up and use it but had a
> few problems along the way.
> Scenario - I want to create a trigger in mysql such
> that anytime a new record created, it will run a
> perl/c program in Linux.  I went to
> http://messagequeue.lenoxway.net/install.php and
> follow its instruction under "Installing the Message
> API" but got the error when I run the
> create_functions.sql (mysql -uroot -p test <
> create_funcstions.sql)
> ERROR 1126 (HY000) at line 3: Can't open shared
> library 'message_api.so' (errno: 22 message_api.so:
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or
> directory
> I'm not so sure how to fix it.  I've added the path in
> /etc/ld.so.conf so that it points to
> /usr/local/lib/message_api.so
> and updated it (ldconfig) but I still got the same
> error.  Please let me know what I'm missing.
> Thanks in advanced...
> P.S I used Fedora Core 5 and mysql 5.0.22
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