[Spread-users] Last Call for Spread 4.0.0rc2 bugs

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Oct 19 10:27:58 EDT 2006


We are finalizing the Spread 4.0.0 release and wanted to check if anyone 
has any outstanding problems with the test release (4.0.0rc2) that have 
not already been reported. 

A few more bugfixes will be included before the release (which we 
already have and are just finishing merging and testing). 

We will also be releasing a 3.17.4 bugfix release including all of the 
fixes in the SVN tree for the 3.17 branch. 



Jonathan R. Stanton         jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   
Johns Hopkins University    

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