[Spread-users] proper way to shutdown a spread daemon?

matthew.garman at gmail.com matthew.garman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 09:09:02 EST 2006

One of our machines running (several instances of) spread went down,
and we had to reboot.  When the machine came back online, I
re-started all the daemons.  All of them, except one, re-joined
their respective spread networks.

Further restarts of the problematic daemon did not bring it back
into its network.  I had to restart all the other "peer" daemons
(i.e. daemons on different machines but in the same segment).

I'm wondering if we have not been shutting spread down properly.
Generally, we just use the kill command (which, on the Linux distro
I'm using, sends the TERM signal by default).

Granted, this was a special situation, because we had a problem with
the hardware itself.  But I think it's worth knowing, what is the
best way to make sure spread shuts down gracefully?

Also, what circumstances might lead to the situation described
above, i.e. a daemon does not correctly re-join its network?

Thank you!

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