[Spread-users] Bug in Spread for Windows?

Michael Chelnokov michelnok at mail.ru
Tue Nov 14 09:03:22 EST 2006

Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your response.

As per spread.conf, I have to specify interfaces for the hosts.
I tried two different environments:

1. Computers with Windows XP SP2 and one network interface each, one subnet 

Spread_Segment {

 computer_11 {
 C }

 computer_12 {
 C }


2. Servers with Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1 and two network interfaces 
each, two private networks ( and and two 
"public" networks ( <- router ->

Spread_Segment {

 server_11 {
 C }

 server_12 {
 C }


Spread_Segment {

 server_13 {
 C }

 server_14 {
 C }


In both cases the Spread daemon can not start because it tries to bind to a 
broadcast address.
I have tried the following binaries:
- Spread 3.17.3 binaries from spread.org;
- Spread 4.0.0rc2 built from sources by Visual Studio 2005 and with 
recommendations from Win32BuildInstructions.pdf

I sure UDP broadcast packets normally work, I have tested them. Windows does 
not replies to broadcast ping, but anyway, broadcast packets work both with 
my simple test program and with patched Spread :-)
I just disabled call to DL_init_channel( RECV_CHANNEL, My.port, 
Bcast_address, Bcast_address ) in Net_init() and Spread is working fine.

In UNIX, a socket has to be bound to a broadcast address in order to receive 
broadcast packets, it doesn't receive broadcast packets on a socket bound to 
a regular address. I.e. it is needed to bind two sockets to two addresses 
( and in my 1st configuration for server_11).
In Windows, a socket can not be bound to a broadcast address, but a socket 
bound to a regular address will receive broadcast packets. I.e. it is enough 
to bind one socket to one address ( in my 1st configuration for 
server_11) to receive both unicast and broadcast packets. A call to bind to fails with error WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL.

Best regards,
Michael Chelnokov.

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> Hello,
> I have not seen this problem before and we do use windows occasionally, so 
> it
> should work.
> In your spread.conf file, did you configure any specific interfaces for 
> the hosts
> in your Spread_segment? Or did you just list one IP for each machine? (The 
> reason
> I ask is that if you specify specific interfaces, that causes the binds to 
> be done
> differently)
> Are you sure that broadcast packets normally work on your machine (you can 
> ping the
> broadcast address for your network and get replies from many other 
> machines)? You
> can also replace the broadcast address in spread.conf with an IP multicast 
> address
> and try that. Let us know if that works while broadcast doesn't.
> If you can also let us know exactly what version of windows you are using 
> and how
> you built spread (or where you got the binaries)
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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