[Spread-users] CPAN perl module Spread / Spread::Queue

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Mon Nov 13 14:12:16 EST 2006

Luther.Christoph wrote:
> Hello Spread-Community,
> maybe you discussed this matter before, but I could not find a solution
> for the problem. I am unfortunately not able to install a running config
> of the CPAN Spread perl module on Solaris10 (neither on Linux).
> After successfully installing spread from spread-src-3.17.3 I get the
> following error messages when trying to install the perl module
> "Spread":
> root at ngawsprov:/home/asamcfg/.cpan_wd/build/Spread-3.17.3-1.07# perl
> Makefile.PL
> Warning: -L../.. changed to
> -L/home/asamcfg/.cpan_wd/build/Spread-3.17.3-1.07/../..
> Warning: -L../spread-src-3.17.0/ changed to
> -L/home/asamcfg/.cpan_wd/build/Spread-3.17.3-1.07/../spread-src-3.17.0/
> Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lspread
> Writing Makefile for Spread

It looks like spread itself isn't installed.  The Perl script can't find

I imagine that you'll need to change the library path to include the directory
containing that library.  I don't know how to do that with Perl Makefiles.


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