[Spread-users] Spread itself crashed?

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Thu Nov 9 11:17:08 EST 2006

It's me again, with a (possibly unrelated) question.  In the spread log on a
fairly heavily loaded box (it's a quad-core box that runs a memory-hungry
CPU-bound process):

[Thu 09 Nov 2006 10:10:45] Send_new_packets: created packet 605 already exist 2
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

The previous log entries are just lists of group memberships that look
reasonable.  I have ten groups on my spread network, although only two of them
are in use on this box.

I have DebugFlags = { PRINT EXIT }.  I'm using spread 3.17.3-r1 on Gentoo systems.

So, two questions: what might this mean, and what can I do to either avoid it
or have more information next time?  I will admit (as detailed in my previous
message) that I'm probably pushing Spread's performance envelope, but it would
be nice if it didn't abort() under those conditions :)


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