[Spread-users] Queries about spread daemon 4 release cadidate.

Danish Ahmed danish_ahmed90 at hotmail.com
Wed May 31 17:15:11 EDT 2006

Hi all
I have some queries:

1 ) I make a receiver that receive message on a group. Also i make a sender 
that send messages to the receiver in a tight loop. There is no delay 
between transmission of messages. Receiver receive messages and does not do 
anything time consuming stuff. Just receive message and then goes to receive 
another and so on and so forth. Now on receiver side what i saw is that 
daemon kills the session of client program and print on console like this:
Sess_write: killing mbox 176 for not reading.

After a couple of tries i opened the code and see if number of messages in 
one session message queue is greater than MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES then daemon 
kills the session. Then i saw value of MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES. It is 1000. 
Then i changeed this value and set 100000 then it runs fine. So what i want 
to ask does 1000 message count was fine and my test case is wrong or is 
there any other method to control this limit?

2 ) I am developing a distributed application in which when an application 
run on a machine on LAN it should become part of this distributed 
application system( something like peer to peer ). Also we can say a new 
system should be included in a plug n play manner. I run all particiapted 
system in a single segment so they can communicate on spread. Now the 
problem is that when a new computer want to come in the system and its name 
is not included in the other daemons configuration already running then it 
cannot communicate with other systems. One solution is that i make a new 
file and copy it to on all other computers and run reload config. But the 
problem is that i want my application self started without help of any human 
So can anyone suggest me some solution to this problem.( Plug n play system 
architecture )

Note i also use TIBCO Randezvous and it does fine as it runs on muticasting 
and as long as all system are running on a multicast group then plag n play 
manner is achieved very easily.

Best Regards
Danish Ahmed

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