[Spread-users] A bug in spread-src-4.0.0rc2 and Some quries

Jacob Green jgreen at spreadconcepts.com
Wed May 17 14:58:17 EDT 2006

Hi Danish,

1.  Your bug report is confirmed and will be fixed for Spread 4 final
release.  The WSAStartup was being called, but it wasn't being called early

2.  Spread 4 does have the dynamic reconfiguration feature.  However, you
are correct in that currently it is only accessible to initiate through
monitor.  A programmatic interface is on the TODO list, and we can keep you

3.  Spread 4 should be out very soon.

4.  Spread 4.0.rc2 makes a small change to the way membership information is
reported, and as such the API has slightly changed.  I am not sure if the
maintainer of the C# interface has updated there code yet. No C# interface
is officially released with Spread.


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Hi all
I am a new user of spread. I am using spread to make a message bus layer. I 
have some requirements(given below) for message bus whose solution i did not

find yet. Can anyone help me in this regard please?

1. I have to add a new system in our group communication and start my 
program on it so that it can communicate with other already running 
programs. So how can i achieve this?
What i already know is that spread 4 have a mechanism to reload 
configuration dynamically but it requres explicit usage of sptmonitor's 
relaad configuration command. What i really require is that how i tell 
sptmonitor to relaod configuration programmatically.

2. Dynamic configuration is my essential requirement as i have to make a 
system in which any program at any computer in a network can join whole 
system in a plug and play manner. So can anyone tell me when will the spread

4 final release come?

3. Currently i am using spread-3.17.3 and client API for C# provided by 
third party. Is this C# API compatible with spread 4? If not then is there 
any C# ( or any .NET language ) API for spread 4?

Bug:( I dont know much but i feel it is a bug )
When i was trying to use dynamic configuration option from sptmonitor 
program what i have seen is that it always did not run and print messages:

Conf_init: using file: spread.conf
Conf_init: no such host danish
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

danish is my comuter name:)

After enough debugging what i saw is that gethostbyname is called from 
name2ip method in config_parse.y file and it always failed. The next line of

code detect this failure and print
Conf_init: no such host danish. But it make me mad why gethostbyname got 
failed as it is a winsock call and name is also correct. Then i use @err,hr 
in watch window and see winsock is not initialized.

Then i insert winsock initialization code in main method of sptmonitor and 
wewwwwwwwww it works well.

Bug conclution and suggestion:
What i saw in the code that call winsock APIs is that they just check their 
failure but on failure they dont take actual error text from winsock that is

much helpful to the user and can save much time.( As i spent 2-3 hours to 
debug it.)

Best Regards
Danish Ahmed

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