[Spread-users] minimal configuration isn't?

Matthew Gillen mgillen at bbn.com
Mon May 1 22:43:20 EDT 2006

Kim Barrett wrote:
> Using spread4rc2 on SuSE9.3 (x86)
> The comments in the default spread.conf file claim that the
> uncommented minimal localhost configuration should be sufficient to
> get one spread daemon up and running. However, that isn't working for
> me. I get messages indicating that it finished the configuration
> file, computed the hash value, and then get the following error
> message:
>   Conf_load_conf_file: My proc id ( is not in configuration
>   Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)
> If I add the hostname or address for my machine into that minimal
> configuration, spread appears to start up just fine.
> Is there something I'm doing wrong, something messed up in my
> configuration, or are the comments for the minimal localhost
> configuration wrong?

Try giving '-n localhost' on the command line to the spread daemon.


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