[Spread-users] minimal configuration isn't?

Kim Barrett kab at irobot.com
Mon May 1 22:06:22 EDT 2006

Using spread4rc2 on SuSE9.3 (x86)

The comments in the default spread.conf file claim that the
uncommented minimal localhost configuration should be sufficient to
get one spread daemon up and running. However, that isn't working for
me. I get messages indicating that it finished the configuration
file, computed the hash value, and then get the following error

   Conf_load_conf_file: My proc id ( is not in configuration
   Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

If I add the hostname or address for my machine into that minimal
configuration, spread appears to start up just fine.

Is there something I'm doing wrong, something messed up in my
configuration, or are the comments for the minimal localhost
configuration wrong?

It looks like the configuration code is scanning the entries in the
h_addr_list of gethostbyname for a match in the configuration
information, and reporting the error I'm seeing if there are no
matches for any pair from those two lists. That would seem to only
work with the minimal localhost-only configuration if the localhost
address is supposed to appear in the gethostbyname h_addr_list list.

Note that we would really like the ability to have the minimal
localhost configuration work, since it would allow some of our
development experiments and unit tests to work without a full blown
fully configured spread network.

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