[Spread-users] Spread Messaging Question...

David Charley dcharley at scires.com
Thu Mar 23 18:38:42 EST 2006


   Is anyone aware of how messages are transmitted over a Spread network (details below)?

   In reviewing the use of the Spread Ring protocol, the users guide suggests that point-to-point unicast IP support is used (we aren't planning to enable multicast).  An observer suggested that messages are sent around the ring, such that all Spread Daemons will see every message.

   Some perspective on how a message is sent to the members of a group would be helpful for planning purposes!

   Options I can think of...
      - The message travels around the ring (10 Deamons => 9 or 10 point to point messages) and all Daemons
        see it (and the message is delivered to any relevant members along the way).
      - The token travels around the ring, and the message is sent only to relevant Daemons. For example
        if there are 10 Daemons, and a message is sent to a group utilizing 3 of the Daemons, then 3 msgs are sent.
      - ???


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