[Spread-users] Many packet retransmited in WAN

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Thu Jun 15 14:50:59 EDT 2006

> It is enough to place that two traffics in one fifo queue.
> But it has one disadventage - token is sent with the same priority as data 
> messages.
> For example, throughput degradates to a minimum (and spread load is high) at 
> one channel for a longer time and
> having all messages (token , data, ...) in one queue daemons
> are unable to switch to operating state, and of course the system is unable 
> to send any messages.
> And that state is going to last until that channel is working fine.
> Does exist any idea how to deal with such an unstable channels?

I don't know if it is possible, but what would be best is that if no 
packets are being dropped, then they should all have the same forwarding 
(FIFO) priority, but if the router begins dropping packets it should 
prefer dropping data packets over token packets.  This will allow Spread 
to do some higher level packet recovery without doing the work of 
reforming the ring unnecessarily.

John Schultz
Spread Concepts
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