[Spread-users] The NULL/C++ bug

Andrew Barnert Andrew.Barnert at teneros.com
Tue Jun 13 17:16:27 EDT 2006

John Schultz:
> There will be a maintanence release for 3.17, which will be patch
> version 4, that will address this and a few other known and fixed bugs
> in the not too distant future.  I will try to find out the timeframe
> that release and post it to the list.

Great. Thanks!

> For Spread 4, we are in release candidate 2 and we are awaiting any
> further feedback and kicking around a few very minor changes we may or
> may not want to include.  An official release should be occurring
> the next month or two but should not be substantially different than
> rc2 release.

I don't think we're going to upgrade to 4 for quite a while, if for no
other reason than we'd have to have our QA do a big regression test, and
it's not easy to convince them to do so without a compelling reason for
the change. (Unfortunately, although we're in the middle of upgrading
our compilers on all platforms, "We should go to 4.0 because 3.17
requires a minor change to compile with vc8 and gcc4" wasn't compelling

So it's good to know that you're still doing maintenance releases for
3.x until we're ready.

Again, thanks.

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