[Spread-users] a disastrous clock adjustment

Vsevolod Vlaskin vlaskine at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 23 21:13:14 EDT 2006


We have been having the following problem with Spread
(under Centos Linux):

- A client and a server are connected to one Spread
- Client sends messages to a server via Spread in FIFO
- Server happily receives them
- We adjust the clock on the machine where the server
is running (i.e. just change the time, say, from
9:30am to 9:35am). Server stops receiving messages
from the client (even though the client keeps
- We adjust the clock back to the initial time. Server
resumes receiving messages.

(We have not tried it with spuser, but our
applications all used to be extremely stable, until we
tried to touch the clock.)

My question is: is the local clock setting always
essential for Spread (even if we use just weaker types
of message ordering like FIFO)?

We would really appreciate any help.

Thank you and best regards,

Vsevolod Vlaskine

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