[Spread-users] Spread Problems Across Differing Architectures

Gillula, Jeremy Jeremy.Gillula at disney.com
Mon Jul 17 20:20:13 EDT 2006

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use Spread to communicate between two different
architectures (if that's the right word): a normal Linux PC and an
embedded Linux-on-a-chip sort of device known as a gumstix
(http://www.gumstix.com, if anybody's curious).  I've managed to
configure and compile spread for the gumstix, but I'm having a little
trouble getting it to communicate.  Specifically, my problem is as

* I configure Spread with the same identical spread.conf on both
machines, as follows:
Spread_Segment {
* Then, I start up Spread daemons on both machines
* Then, I start up spuser on both machines, and try to use it to send
messages back and forth.  However, neither machine receives messages
from the other machine.  It's like they're not connected at all -- there
are no errors, but the messages from one machine just never show up on
the other, and vice versa.

I also tried two other configurations.  In one, the spread daemon runs
only on the laptop: when this is the case, and I try to run spuser on
the gumstix, I get a connection error (-2).  Alternately, when I run the
spread daemon only on the gumstix, everything works fine and messages
are sent and received without a problem.

Does anyone know why the gumstix would have trouble communicating with a
spread daemon running on another machine?  Could it have something to do
with the different architectures?  In the past, a friend of mine has had
trouble in getting spread to work across a combination of 32 bit and 64
bit machines -- could the fact that the gumstix is running on an Xscale
architecture without floating point support (the same type of processor
used in many PDAs) have something to do with it?

Any insights anyone has would be most appreciated.  And of course, if
there's any more information I can provide to make things clearer, let
me know.

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