[Spread-users] Newbie Questions

Eduardo Ferro Aldama eduardo_ferro at carrefour.com
Tue Jul 11 06:58:53 EDT 2006

Hi everybody!

I am testing spread toolkit to implement the comunication between
Tills/PointOfSales systems and a store server for a store system and
I have some dudes about the functionality and use of spread.

First some facts about the enviroment:
- All my tests are develop with spread 3.17.03 using the python wrapper
(Spread Module 1.5).
- For this first test I am running all the programs in the same machine.

The system should not lost any of the PointOfSales sales information. The
problem is that sometimes the network is down from few minutes to two days
or more. I think that I should use SAFE_MESS type of messages,b ut in the
test when I send more rapid that the other program can process the
information the send call fail (-8 connection closed by spread). I suposse
that the spread daemon don't save the messages in a persistent media so I
can lost messages....

-what should do to garantee that all the sales go to the store server???
(without any losses and in the same order that the clients generate de
-Should I insert into a DB on the client, send to the store server and
in a DB??? (like a persistent Queues)
-Can the receptor program ack the message after it process it? (to prevent
power failures between the msg reception and its process)
- Some hint/docs/ideas about the desing the comunication solution of this
kind of systems (N info producers and 1 info receptor/processor)?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for my english


Eduardo Ferro Aldama
Desarrollo TPVs (Gestión Stock)
Tlf 91 5142101

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