[Spread-users] spread & wackamole

John Laide johnl at midentity.com
Mon Jul 10 08:51:21 EDT 2006


i was wondering if anyone has come across the same problem as me.

i have spread (3.17.3) and wackamole (2.0.0) running on two Redhat ES 4
servers (with 3 nics each).

spread & wackamole both start up fine and the first server to start
wackamole will grab both virtual ips and
however when i start wackamole on the second redhat server it starts ok
but it does not pick up one of the virtual ips from the first server.

i have two other servers running Redhat ES 3 (but only 1 nic each) and
spread/wackamole behaves as it should. start wackamole on the first server
and it grabs both virtual ips, start wackamole on the second server and it
takes one of the virtual ips from the first server.

therefore, i think the issue is most likely due to the fact that the ES 4
servers have more than 1 nic each but i dont see why it should be
preventing wackamole from picking up a virtual ip. spread looks to be
communicating correctly between the two servers.  i can start both of the
servers with a wackamole conf that specifies a specific single virtual ip
and both servers will be assigned their relevant virtual ip.  i am using
this as a temporary fix while i try to figure out why wackamole is not
picking up an ip.

any help would be much appreciated.



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