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Bus Mini micraltoo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 10:45:32 EDT 2006

Thanks for your adivce, if I have used Spread as a tool in my application, I
wonn't forget to inlucde the license in my apllication.

On 7/3/06, John Lane Schultz <jschultz at spreadconcepts.com> wrote:
> Bus Mini wrote:
> > Schultz:
> >
> > Thanks for your hlep, I can get a clear understanding now. But before I
> > can use Spread, I still have a question. It seems very complcated to
> > configue spread, if I developed an application with Spread in my
> > computer, and it works well because I know how to install and configue
> > Spreadm in my computer. But it may cause some problem if the user of my
> > application is someone who have no konwleage about  computer. How can I
> > make sure other user can use my application without understanding
> > Spread? I mean is there an easy way for me to release my application
> > then all the users have to do is just runing my application without
> > install Spread(to me Spread works much more like a program than a lib ).
> >
> > Thanks for reading my e-mail. Your help is very important to me.
> >
> > --
> > Yours sincerely
> > Mini Bus.
> You could of course have your software bundle Spread with it and install
> Spread
> automatically.  Then for configuration you could provide some nice GUI
> that
> generates the spread.conf file appropriately.  When you start/end your
> application it can launch/kill Spread.
> Alternatively, you could try and run Spread in process with your
> application.  I
> know some people on this list have tried to change Spread so that rather
> than
> having a main() function it instead has a thread entry function and the
> compile
> the Spread code into their application's executable.  Then your
> application
> spawns a thread that runs the thread entry function (i.e. - the renamed
> main()
> fcn).  I haven't tried that but it seems like it could work and this is
> basically running Spread as a library.
> You would still need, however, to configure Spread.  There isn't really a
> good
> way around getting all the appropriate IPs that I can see.  You could make
> a
> nice interface to the conf file rather than editing a text file, but that
> is
> about it.
> If you distribute your application that uses Spread, then remember that
> you have
> to comply with Spread's Open Source license (
> http://www.spread.org/license/license.html ), which requires that:
> '3. All advertising materials (including web pages) mentioning features or
> use
> of this software, or software that uses this software, must display the
> following acknowledgment: "This product uses software developed by Spread
> Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For more information about
> Spread
> see http://www.spread.org"'
> Good luck!
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Mini Bus.
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