[Spread-users] Some basic questions

Bus Mini micraltoo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 01:03:54 EDT 2006


Thanks for your hlep, I can get a clear understanding now. But before I can
use Spread, I still have a question. It seems very complcated to configue
spread, if I developed an application with Spread in my computer, and it
works well because I know how to install and configue Spreadm in my
computer. But it may cause some problem if the user of my application is
someone who have no konwleage about  computer. How can I make sure other
user can use my application without understanding Spread? I mean is there an
easy way for me to release my application then all the users have to do is
just runing my application without install Spread(to me Spread works much
more like a program than a lib ).

Thanks for reading my e-mail. Your help is very important to me.

Yours sincerely
Mini Bus.
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