[Spread-users] Secure Spread

stsaroux at aueb.gr stsaroux at aueb.gr
Sat Jan 28 18:49:36 EST 2006

I am trying to install secure spread. I have installed spread 
spread-src-3.17.3 doing below
make install
One of my problems is that i don't know what to set in the environment 
variable SP_INC, as SP_LIB i set /usr/local/lib where i found the 
libspread.a library after the spread installation. As an experiment i set 
SP_INC = usr/local/include file which is empty
I make ./configure and then make, the secure spread try to find some files  
in usr/local/include but it didn't found nothing(as expected). To solve this 
problem i copied all source files included in spread folder in the 
usr/local/include folder. Then i did
make clean
and then the installation returned an error in the ssp-2.0/ssp/src/ssp_p.c 
soure file in function  init_vs_set 

May you help me whith all this problems

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