[Spread-users] flow control

Mike Perik mikep at foxriver.com
Wed Feb 1 09:22:36 EST 2006

This is only my opinion others may disagree.

There have been several discussion concerning this problem.  I saw the same 
problem.  I personally believe it is an issue with how flow control is 
handle, in particular, how the token is handled or passed.  There is a ring 
leader and if there is a pause in data transmission the leader holds onto the 
token of a specific amount of time before sending it around again.  There is 
a way for another machine to request the token but I don't believe it works 
as it is has been designed to work.

If you search the mailing list archive for my name you will find how I dealt 
with it.  In the end, we did not use Spread.

Mike Perik

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 18:55, Cristina Nita-Rotaru wrote:
> We use Spread in a local area network for an
> application that is relatively bandwidth intensive
> in a many-to-many setting. However we noticed
> a huge delay in delivery of the packets (up
> to 94 seconds sometimes). We are sending about
> 20-30 Mbits/sec. All communication is FIFO. Platform
> is Windows, configuration is IP Multicast. In general
> the servers recover after a while and packets are
> delivered within acceptable delays, then again some
> big delay is noticeable.
> Did anybody else experience this issue?
> We suspect that this may be related with the
> way Spread implements flow control.
> We have several questions:
> 1) What is the difference between the
> Window and Personal_Window variables
> used in the flow control protocol in
> flow_control.c.
> 2) How were their values chosen (Window
> is 60 and Personal_Window is 15).
> thank you for your help,
> -- Cristina
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