[Spread-users] Spread disconnects after ~1500 messages sent

George Schlossnagle george at omniti.com
Tue Dec 26 16:34:49 EST 2006

George Schlossnagle wrote:
> Jeremy Ma wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've installed Spread3.17.3 and am using it in a multi-agent robotics
>> application where each robot communicates with a peer using Spread
>> messaging. I'm having this reoccurring problem that I just cannot figure
>> out:
>> On the sender side, I have a single agent first connect to the Spread
>> Daemon, then join a group, and then after joining the group, broadcast
>> position information and a set of 361 data points (that come from a laser
>> scanner) --encoded appropriately in a long character string-- to the group
>> in a neverending for loop.
> If you join a group you must read from it or you will fall behind and be
> disconnected.  The max backqueue by default is 1500 messages.  You do
> not need to be joined to a group to send to it, so if you have no
> intention to read those messages, you should simply not join.
> George

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