[Spread-users] Updated python module for Spread v4

Bill Noon noon at snow.nrcc.cornell.edu
Wed Dec 20 13:12:07 EST 2006

Due the small API changes in the Spread v4 membership notification,  
the current SpreadModule (v1.5) doesn't compile.

I have attached a patch file that changes the MembershipMsg class.   
It removes the 'extra' attribute and replaces it with an  
'orig_members' attribute that is a tuple of tuples containing the  
vs_sets and the group_names that came together to form the current  

It also changes the testspread.py script to reflect the change and  
setup.py for the new library name.

It hasn't been extensively tested, but I wanted to get it out in case  
there was anyone else who wanted to use the new Spread version with  

--Bill Noon
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Cornell University

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