[Spread-users] Corrupt packets

Alec H. Peterson alec.peterson at messagesystems.com
Mon Dec 4 12:01:51 EST 2006

Hi all,

So a few days ago I e-mailed about getting ring lockups.  We tracked  
this problem down to corrupt packets getting delivered to Spread  
(both over the session and data link layers).  I've attached a patch  
that seems to address the problems by adding a checksum to the  
appropriate data structures, and we feel this could potentially be  
useful to others.  If there are reasons why this shouldn't be  
included in Spread we would love to know, because those may well be  
reasons why we shouldn't use it.  Clearly it changes the network  
protocol, so it won't be compatible with other builds of Spread.   
However, this does solve our lockup and corrupt data problems.

We're also curious if anybody else has seen 'odd' Spread behavior  
(like ring lockups and/or corrupt data delivered to the client  
library).  The configuration we have seen this on is very straight- 

Sun x4100 Server
Solaris 10
Spread 3.17.3 (both stock and with some local patches)

We have some very similar servers deployed in-house that do not  
experience these problems at all.



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