[Spread-users] Multiple spread daemons on the same machine &real-time scheduling?

Matthew Gillen mgillen at bbn.com
Fri Dec 1 09:44:26 EST 2006

Matt Garman wrote:
> At least on Linux, you have to run as root to get real-time priority.

That's not completely accurate, but it does take some tweaking and a recent
version of PAM (I know Fedora 5/6 support this): you can allow normal users to
put their own processes into the realtime scheduling class via
Add a line like this:
 username        -       rtprio          70
or this:
 @groupname	 -       rtprio          70

Replace 70 with whatever limit you actually want. And then log out and log
back in (capabilities are set at login time).

It's better than giving general 'sudo' access IMHO.


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