[Spread-users] RPM?

John Robinson jr at vertica.com
Wed Aug 16 17:51:20 EDT 2006

Hi spread fans,

We are at the point of trying to package up spread for distribution, 
both across our dev cluster and to users.  The configure script (without 
any options) seems to cause "make install" to retain history of the dir 
where it was built and, as a result, rpm insists that it be able to see 
that dir.  Obviously, we don't want all our users to have to create and 
populate "/home/jr" (wouldn't bother me =:).

Has anyone worked the magic of getting through this barrier to get a 
more usable RPM?  Did I miss an obvious --prefix switch somewhere?  I 
confess I'm a little naive about configure script theory.

By the way, development-wise, spread is stable and working great!


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