[Spread-users] SEGMENTATION FAULT in SP_get_vs_sets_info

Nico Meyer nmeyer at virtualminds.de
Fri Apr 28 08:31:22 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

while upgrading out Application to use Spread4 (dynamic reconfiguration is 
something we really where hoping for, for sime time. Nice to finally have 
it), we had problems with random Segfaults in SP_get_vs_sets_info().

I think we fixed the bug (see the attached patch against 4.0.0rc2). This is 
probably the way the function was intended to work - only touch the number of 
elements in the supplied vs_set_info array that are actually present in the 
message. The rest of the array is undefined anyway, and this way you can 
initialize it with default values beforhand if you like.
The bug only occurs if num_vs_sets is greater than the actual number of 
vs_sets in the membership message. Hope anyone else can use this.


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