[Spread-users] spread daemon as library?

Steven Dake scd at broked.org
Tue Apr 18 16:16:49 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 20:57, Kim Barrett wrote:
> At 10:24 PM -0400 4/17/06, Neil Conway wrote:
> >I had exactly the same thought last year:
> >
> >http://commedia.cnds.jhu.edu/pipermail/spread-users/2005-June/002583.html
> Thanks for the pointer to that previous discussion. The reply in that
> thread from John Schultz looks plausible. I don't know when I might
> actually get to work on this (might have to gather some round tuits),
> as we may decide to treat this as a potential optimization to try if
> we actually need it. There is some concern here that we might very
> well need it though, and that otherwise we should be trying some other
> non-spread approach.


The openais project (Revised BSD license) provides an implementation of
totem (ring protocol without wide area network support) as a library
(libtotem_pg.so/.a) which can be linked directly into your
applications.  You are forced to use the poll/timer abstraction in
libtotem, however.

If you need wide area, spread is a better choice.

It is also possible to write a cluster service plugin that utilizes the
generic services provided by openais (including group communication)
while avoiding IPC.  Currently there are 8 services which are setup as
plugins and a basic plugin (such as our closed group communication API)
takes about 1 week to develop.  All plugins are loaded dynamically so it
would be possible to utilize the infrastructure of openais without ever
loading any other services if you choose.  The parser may also be
overridden so it is possible to provide your own parser component which
reads your specific parser variables.



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