[Spread-users] A obvious and severe bug in spread 4.0 rc2

DaiLin(戴霖) dailin at founder.com
Sun Apr 9 11:30:53 EDT 2006

There is a obvious and severe bug in spread 4.0 rc2, which may cause clients hard to connect to server.
The bug is in file sp.c at line 274.
The old source is:
  sel_time.tv_sec = wait_time.usec;
The right code should be:
  sel_time.tv_usec = wait_time.usec;

The bug cause the timeout value of select() function invalid, so the select() return immediately with out wait. So the client may miss the message returned by server and cause the SP_connect_timeout() return CONNECTION_CLOSED.
The code was downloaded with url http://www.spread.org/download/spread-src-4.0.0.rc2.tar.gz yesterday.
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