[Spread-users] Announcing the MySQL Message API

John David Duncan jdd at efn.org
Wed Apr 5 12:27:47 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce my first beta release of the MySQL Message  
API, a set of MySQL User Defined Functions (UDFs) that allow a MySQL  
database server to send and receive messages using Spread.

The Message API works on MySQL 4, but it is much more interesting on  
MySQL 5, where you can use the API functions inside SQL stored  
procedures and triggers.

I am hosting the Message API at http://messagequeue.lenoxway.net/  
where you can find  documentation and downloads.  (I hope that  
eventually the bulk of the project will be hosted on the new  
MySQLForge community site, http://forge.mysql.com/).  I'll be giving  
a talk on the Message API at the MySQL Users Conference in Santa  
Clara, CA later this month.

I expect most of the issues around this beta release to relate to  
portability and platform support.  I have done a lot of my  
development and testing on Mac OS X and FreeBSD.


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