[Spread-users] multicast problem, after edited /etc/hosts

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Tue Sep 20 12:36:25 EDT 2005


I suggest we add a check in the initialization of Spread to check for
localhost being improperly used in configurations.  As I understand it,
if you have a localhost entry in a spread.conf there should be no other
machine entries.  If we enforce this with a run-time check on startup
and exit with a descriptive error it might help get rid of a lot of
beginner mistakes.


Spread is a client-daemon architecture.  The spread.conf file allows you
 to configure a set of daemons that will service clients' communication
needs.  Clients connect to a daemon through a (local) tcp/ip connection.
 Messages they send will be multi/broadcast between the different
daemons and then, as appropriate, sent to receiving clients over tcp/ip.

Since you only have one daemon in your Spread_Segment, it is possible
that Spread realizes this and therefore isn't sending messages out onto
the network.

Make a Spread_Segment that contains several machines within your LAN
(i.e. - can communicate using UDP multicast or broadcast) and then retry
your test while running Spread daemons on all of those machines.

Do not use localhost in a Spread_Segment.  This is only valid for when
you run one Spread daemon on a local machine, primarily for testing


sunnyamoy wrote:
> i want to do a 1:n reliable multicast
> my conf just :
> Spread_Segment {
> localhost
> }
> my test with sptuser, and I snap found:
> 1. sptuser on deamo machine(a) to another sptuser at other machine(b)
> a send tcp group/sender to b,
> a send tcp message to b,
> b send tcp ack to a,
> b send tcp ack to a
> no multicast !
> 2. sptuser frome b to a
> b send tcp group/sender to a,
> b send tcp message to a,
> a send ack to b
> the first 3 package just, client send to daemo
> a send tcp group/sender to b,
> a send tcp message to b,
> b send tcp ack to a,
> b send tcp ack to a
> this like 1, just daemo send to client
> still no multicast
> when i change conf, add one daemo
> it will add one multicast package, but still send these tcp package. 
> what is reliable multicast? did i understand wrong?
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