[Spread-users] problem with spread/mod_log_spread/spreadlogd

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Tue Sep 6 17:45:18 EDT 2005

Jeroen wrote:

> Thank you for your awnser!
> this is exactly what my thought were, but the problem is that the 
> system that is writing the logs to disk is a scsi-320 system with 
> hardware raid-1 :)
> it's just writing about 100mb of logs per hour, that doesn't look that 
> much to me.
> Load is low on that server since it is a dedicated logserver, but I/O 
> might be a problem (since that isn't always shown in pure load).
> I'll hookup a raid-10 system with 15k rpm disks tomorrow and test 
> further.
> Another problem believing this conclusion is that we have another 
> cluster that is performing great loging to a sata-raid array, writing 
> almost 2 gigs of logs every hour, but that is another setup.
> Kind regards and please give your comments since this isn't solved yet,

100mb per hour is extremely low volume.  Something else is wrong here.  
Try giving your spread processing real-time priority -- that seems to 
help dramatically when the web servers involed are loaded.

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