[Spread-users] issue with java client when link to spread daemon dies

Roberto.Diaz at fastmobile.com Roberto.Diaz at fastmobile.com
Thu Oct 6 09:59:59 EDT 2005


my company, fastmobile, has been integrating Spread on the server side
of our system to allow several JVMs running in one or more machines to
communicate. we are using the spread daemon as-is (on win32 and linux)
with access using the java classes.

When the spread daemon becomes unreachable, the java client
(specifically, SpreadConnection) reports an exception and stops running
(the Listener thread exits). there is no recovery from this and no way
to even detect the condition. 

has anyone else run into this issue?

also, is anyone other than me using jdk1.5? (when i compile, i get many
warnings. it would be great to prevent these, and to use generics.)

Roberto Diaz
rDiaz at fastmobile.com 

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