[Spread-users] mod_log_spread on apache2? something new on 2.0.53?

Jay West jwest at ezwind.net
Wed Oct 26 01:10:19 EDT 2005

I'm using apache2.0.53 on freebsd 5.3 release.

I also have a version of mod_lod_spread that worked on previous releases of
apache2. One was given to me by a list member some time ago, can't remember
the name. Another was one I just found via a link that Theo had posted.

Long story short, neither work, and at least one of the two (from the
listmember) definitely worked on a prior release of apache2. One of two
things has apparently happened... either I am compiling it (using apxs)
incorrectly, or something has changed in later (2.0.53) versions of apache2
that mades it no longer work. My guess is the former...

When I compile it as a DSO with apxs, no errors, all seems well. However, I
want to ease into turning it one, one virtual host at a time. So, after apxs
puts the loadmodule in my httpd.conf, I add only one line to my config
file... SpreadDaemon 4803. All my logging statements are TransferLog, none
are using CustomLog (yet).

When I start apache I get no httpd daemons, but in my httpd-error.log file I
get [notice] group name must start with '$'.

I was hoping I could leave all my non-spread virtual hosts as TransferLog,
then as I move vhosts over to logging on spread one at a time, just change
their TransferLog to Customlog $group combined etc. etc. But I cant even get
apache to come up once the module is installed.

Am I doing something braindead (likely), or has the versions of
mod_log_spread for apache2 that have been floating around no longer work on
2.0.53 and up?

Thanks for any help!

Jay West

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