[Spread-users] Regular message rate pausing?

Peter Spreadborough pspreadborough at revasystems.com
Mon Nov 21 11:19:02 EST 2005

We occasionally see Spread messages pause for up to two seconds. After
reading though the list archives I found a similar issue was reported
back in 2004, (More Performance Issues/Questions - 12/2004 ), and, like
the original poster, setting the Hurry_timeout to bellow the message
period fixes this. We have monitored the LAN during these pauses and can
see that all Spread traffic stops for up to two seconds then resumes. No
data is lost, it is simply delayed.

Has the root cause for this bug been identified? I'm currently using a
Hurry_timeout value of 50mS but I'd much prefer the bug be fixed rather
than masked.

My configuration is as follows:

Two 2Gig P4 PCs running Linux. 
Latest Spread.
No excessive retrys.
Both PCs are on the same LAN segment and subnet.
Messages are sent every 100mS.
LAN traffic is minimal.
PC network traffic is Spread only.




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