[Spread-users] operation after partition heals

Scott Barvick sbarvick at revasystems.com
Wed May 18 18:33:16 EDT 2005

What is the expected operation after a network partition heals?  I get
the membership change messages when the partition occurs so that each of
2 nodes thinks it is the only one, but when the partition heals (I plug
the ethernet cable back in), I don't see any awareness of the other node
on either side.  Shouldn't the multicast/broadcast messages find their
way into Spread and kick something off?

More specifically, I have 2 nodes and I pull the network interface cable
out of one of them.  When I plug it back in, I can ping.  I haven't
looked at the network traffic yet, but I can do that.  I have MEMBERSHIP
logging turned on and I see the token and membership operations at the
partition, but there is no output when the partition heals.

Thanks for any advice,

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