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Bill Scherer bill.scherer at verizonwireless.com
Thu Jul 7 07:22:34 EDT 2005

Matt Sergeant wrote:

> On 30 Jun 2005, at 07:29, Bill Scherer wrote:
>> Thanks!  It didn't generate much discussion though. Oh Well.
> My only comment would be that it looks like lots of nodes talking to a 
> centralised master node, which isn't what spread is about.
I was going more for the impression of a closer node and others that are 
farther away. Did I mention I wasn't an artist? ;-)

I'll see if I can do something to address your admittedly valid concern 
when I have some time.

> I hate for my only comment to be a negative thing though, so I will 
> say it looks a lot better than the current one :-)

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