[Spread-users] Spread 4

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Sat Jul 2 11:02:12 EDT 2005

Gavin Sherry wrote:

>Hi all,
>Neil Conway and I are busily hacking on spread to see if we can increase
>its robustness and usability. There is some discussion in the source and
>in the mailing list archives of spread 4. Is spread 4 being actively
>worked upon? If so, is the source publicly available?
The SpreadConcepts guys can give some insight into Spread 4.  I only 
know some of it's benefits (like vastly more intelligent wide-area 
operations).  I have only waded through the Spread 3 code, so I couldn't 
enumerate the differences.

However, busily hacking for robustness sounds like it could use more 
eyes looking at commits.  Such a venue would also offer more 
collaboration?  Would CNDS be interested in hosting a CVS module 
(separate from Spread 3 itself) with much more liberal commit priveleges 
that would facility community participation?

Given Spread's licensing, this would provide a platform on which 
contributors could play that would make it more likely that people's 
improvements are visible to the rest of the world.

Just some thoughts.


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