[Spread-users] Config question

Serge Aleynikov serge at hq.idt.net
Thu Feb 17 12:19:41 EST 2005

Thank you very much!  This addressed all three issues I had!

Silly me, after reading your email I realized that this was the most 
obvious thing to try!!!  :-)


Cédric Coulon wrote:

> Hi,
> Try to start spread with -n option:
> "spread -n DevLinuxPro"
> Regards,
> Cédric Coulon.
> Serge Aleynikov a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I am a new user of spread, and while everything seems to work as 
>> documented when a spread daemon is running on a server X and clients 
>> connect to is from various machines, I am having hard time with the 
>> following three issues:
>> 1. I put the following in my configuration:
>> Spread_Segment {
>>     localhost
>>     DevLinuxPro
>>     StarDev1
>> }
>> When I remove the localhost entry line, and try to start a spread 
>> daemon, I get the following in spread.log:
>> ====================
>> Set runtime directory to '/var/run/spread'
>> Set user name to 'serge'
>> Set group name to 'devlp'
>> Conf_init: My proc id ( is not in configuration
>> Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)
>> Is it normal to require in the config file?
>> 2. I noticed that when this localhost line is present in the
>> config file, any client connecting to the spread daemon gets a name:
>> #CLIENTNAME#localhost.
>> Is there a way to have spread daemon running on DevLinuxPro assign a 
>> name like: #CLIENTNAME#DevLinuxPro given the config file above?
>> 3. When I try to run two daemons, one on DevLinuxPro and one on 
>> StarDev1 using the config above, I have local clients on each server 
>> connect to the local daemon.  When a client on DevLinuxPro joins a 
>> group "test", I expect that it should recive messages from the client 
>> connected to the StarDev1's daemon, which sends a message to the 
>> "test" group.  However this doesn't happen.  In both cases the client 
>> is "spuser" application.
>> Is there anything that can be done in order to troubleshoot why 
>> messages are not being exchanged between two daemons?
>> I appreciate any help with these questions.
>> Regards,
>> Serge

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