[Spread-users] Please help me understand

apocalypznow apocalypznow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 13:19:58 EST 2005

Hi I'm a noob... so please bear with me.

I am trying to set up 4 machines on 2 networks, which would all join the 
same group "chat01" and hopefully be able to message each other using 
multicast() with either RELIABLE_MESS or FIFO_MESS.
Two machines are at, and their ips are and  Two other machines are at and their ips are 
at and  Port 4803 is open on each of the 
two routers.  Networks and are only connected 
on the internet.

I've tried various configurations in my spread.conf file and I can't get 
all 4 machines to see any messages sent to the same group "chat01".

1) How should my spread.conf be set up - specifically the segments and 
anything else?
2) Where do I run the daemons?
3) How many daemons should I run?
4) To which daemon should each machine connect to?

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