[Spread-users] Spread With Large Group Sizes

Urciolo, Kevin Kevin.Urciolo at ngc.com
Thu Dec 22 14:35:02 EST 2005

We have around 400 machines spread between two sites on a private
network.  We are looking at spread to provide failure detection among
other things.  The documentation seems to indicate that spread cannot
handle large group sizes.  However, a change log has the text below.

Will spread work with this number of machines?

"Enhance the group membership algorithm so very large groups and very
large numbers of groups will be merged correctly during a membership.
With this change Spread should correctly handle groups with thousands of
members and thousands of groups. This also includes the optimization of
sending groups messages as FIFO and AGREED instead of SAFE. Thanks to
Ryan Caudy from Hopkins for doing this work. "

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