[Spread-users] help building libtsp with mingw / g++ ?

Jim Kleckner jek-spread at kleckner.net
Thu Dec 1 11:37:01 EST 2005

Ryan Caudy wrote:

>Using the normal autoconf build procedure I've had no problems on cygwin.
>./configure ; make.

This works fine for cygwin.
Have you tried it with "-mno-cygwin" to get mingw?
i.e. a way to use cygwin gcc to build a windows native version.
Is there a way to tell configure on cygwin to use mingw?
It would probably need to be libspread not libtspread.

Thanks - Jim

>On 9/28/05, Ivo <ivolucien  at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I've done more research and my import problems really seem to be
>>compiler / library / linker issues with using MSVC to compile
>>libtspread.lib and gcc & ld to compile and link my main project.
>>Has anyone built a static Spread library using mingw or cygwin? I'm
>>just looking for a good way to incorporate Spread into my cross
>>platform gcc project. I tried "make arch-linux" and that failed with
>>a "no rule to make target" error. Relatively clueless about 'make'

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