[Spread-users] Problem with Java client

Jarosław Nozderko jaroslaw.nozderko at polkomtel.com.pl
Mon Aug 22 10:16:30 EDT 2005

OK, done. So, basically, I have your patch with added
setSoLinger(true, 1) in connect() and 
shutdownInput/shutdownOutput before socket.close() in
disconnect(). It works correctly, message is delivered
and LEAVE is reported by group members when process exits.
Perhaps linger value could be a configuration parameter ?

The only problem which remains unsolved is that
Java test client User does not react when Spread
daemon exits.


> I would investigate using both TCP_NODELAY *and* SO_LINGER in connect.
> TCP_NODELAY is set in connect by the C API.  Although there 
> is a potential performance penalty if you're using small 
> messages, the expected scenario is that network traffic 
> between a client and its connected daemon is the cheapest 
> communication in the entire system. 
> Considering that a lot of Spread client applications depend 
> on timely delivery of small messages, this setting is often 
> very appropriate. 
> Although this option won't have any affect on the correctness 
> of the causal ordering provided by the daemons, leaving it 
> off will potentially increase the likeliness that messages 
> sent at observably different times are received out of order.
> My understanding of SO_LINGER is that it possibly prevents a 
> bit of data loss at the end of your connection's life cycle.  
> I don't think that it additionally flushes the outgoing 
> buffer, however.
> For these reasons, I would encourage you to set TCP_NODELAY 
> to true and SO_LINGER to some reasonable timeout in the 
> connect method.
> Cheers,
> Ryan

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