[Spread-users] interface issues?

Max Michaels max at del.icio.us
Wed Aug 17 11:58:17 EDT 2005


I'm configuring spread to use mod_log_spread+spreadlogd for some apache 
logging fun. In my testing environment, everything works w/o issue. In 
my production environment I am having some issues where the spreadlogd 
server simply will not join the segment where the apache servers are 
running. Here is my spread.conf on all the servers (the x's are my ips. 
broadcast is correct):

Spread_Segment  x.x.x.95:4803 {

         s1      x.x.x.71
         s3      x.x.x.73
         s4      x.x.x.74
         s6      x.x.x.76
EventLogFile = /var/log/spread.log

s1 is the server that I need to collect the logs. According to 
spmonitor, s3, s4 and s6 all join the segment, but s1 joins it's own 
segment. The only difference between these machines is that s1 has 
multiple ip address bound to it. The ip i want it to listen on 
(x.x.x.71) is subinterface eth0:0. Any ideas? Spread version is 



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