[Spread-users] Error Connecting to Spread Daemon

Sheetal Agarwal sheetal2 at cs.umbc.edu
Sun Aug 7 14:36:20 EDT 2005


Sometimes when I kill the spread daemon and then restart it again I get 
the following error

Conf_init: using file: /usr/local/etc/spread.conf
Setting SO_REUSEADDR to always on -- make sure Spread daemon host is 
Successfully configured Segment 0 [] with 2 procs:
Finished configuration file.
Conf_init: My name: dhruva.cs.umbc.edu, id:, port: 4805
DL_init_channel: bind error (48): Address already in use for port 4805, 
with sockaddr ( 4805) probably already running
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

I have set the REUSEADDR option to true. Inspite of this I cannot 
connect to the given port. How do I get around this issue?


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