[Spread-users] Auth IP configuration

Jose R. Ilabaca jrilabaca at certifica.com
Thu Apr 28 11:52:48 EDT 2005

Hi, I am trying to use IP authentication but got the following problem:
I will have some web servers, each running a spread daemon and apache
with mod_log_spread. Then I will have 2 other servers running a spread
daemon each and running spreadlogd to write apache's logs.
I want to restrict spread connection to the IPs of those servers only,
so I create the spread.auth_ip file with the IPs of every server (/32).
But when I start spreadlogd I receive an Authentication denied message.
I noticed that spread daemons starts bound to interface, and
spreadlogd also try to authenticate with this same address, so it is
What am I doing wrong?
Jose R. Ilabaca
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